Inner Peace Exhibition


Making art is an escape that leaves me lost for a while, helps me to step back far enough to re-discover myself. The vibrant nature of the alcohol ink brings life, energy, and emotion to my foundation. When I create I enter into a zone of intuition. A happy auto pilot so to speak. My happy conscience is best interpreted in my new painting titled Inner Peace. Two blue fish-like figures swirling around each other over a calm blue traverse.


"Ricky’s inaugural solo exhibit was a monumental success, and the hundreds of viewers were so taken by his artistic expression that his artwork was flying off the wall, as he achieved unprecedented sales, nearly one half of the pieces on display during opening night, a remarkable feat for a first time exhibitor. “What a testament to the appeal and talent of this young artist,” commented Celeste Lawson, poet, arts supporter and former director of the region’s Arts Council, “It is truly an astonishing and admirable accomplishment for Ricky to have compelled so many people to want to have his work in their homes or offices. This exhibit is a wonderful indicator that he may be a rising star, and his creations on the road to becoming highly desired and sought after pieces of new, contemporary art.”

"“Richard has an ability to link external emotions to his distinctive internal technique,” stated Gabriel Bialkowski, President of Sensu Music, and long time friend of Runfola. “It is not shocking that his artwork would have such broad and diverse appeal.”"

Please go check out my Buffalo Rising Article following this exhibition at Buffalo Big Print on 78 Allen in Buffalo, NY.


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Art Resin

ArtResin: Review, Tips, and Tricks.


ArtResin is by far my favorite product of its kind. Most importantly it is safe. ArtResin is certified non-toxic, No VOCs. No fumes, No solvents, No respirator needed, Non-flammable, Non-hazardous and it Conforms to ASTM D4236 (Safe for Home Use). ArtResin is the most efficient non yellowing resin on the market. Art resin is crystal clear when it dries and it is also self leveling I personally love ArtResin because it has the ability to be so structural. Just like you may be able to put ArtResin in molds to make jewelry you can also make molds to form "Blocks" of sorts and build with them to make something very structural. I combine my ArtResin with alcohol ink for some really amazing effects and the ArtResin is UV protective so that it will allow the inks to last extremely long without fading. In the future I plan on making some instructional videos just to show you all how exactly I incorporate ArtResin into my artistic process. 

Everything aside ArtResin is also just amazingly staffed! I filled out a survey with ArtResin which led to somebody from their company to follow up with me and I ended up getting a free ArtResin kit! I am making a video soon to thank them and show them what I am using it for.


Thanks ArtResin!!! I will be updating and editing this Blog post with Tips and Tricks of my own soon. .